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Fighting / Sport Based, Fitness Based, Military Systems, MMA, Self Defence, Traditional Martial Arts,

Combat Academy UK is one of the best self defence training providers in the world. Our boot-camps are tremendous fun whilst teaching you self defence skills and concepts that really work. We have classes for all levels of ability from beginners to advanced and beyond. Combat Academy are fellow members of the UK self defence and martial arts guild (UK.SDMAG). The UK.SDMAG is also licensed to provide Combat Academy youth boot-camps, anti-bullying and knife awareness programmes – which it does as part of its charitable and not for profit work across the UK.

All Combat Academy Instructors are licenced, CRB/DBS cleared and carry full UK.SDMAG public liability insurance and endorsement.

Our self defence training philosophy, concepts and techniques are among the best in the world and if you are looking for self defence training that really works in the harsh reality of an actual attack or assault then Combat Academy can help.