New unarmed combat qualification for security professionals

Monday, December 8th, 2014

At last a new qualification exists which brings real practical skill and expertise to the industry. Many security professionals complain that the level of physical intervention training provided as part of the SIA qualification set is woefully inadequate for the purpose, environment and level of risk. The problem doesn’t just stop with security, police and prison officers report similar issues. Within security, doormen for example are constantly at risk of assault with no real way  of protecting themselves whilst still maintaining their duty of care over the “drunk individuals” attacking them.


Taster of Advanced CQC Course for security Professionals



Professional Close Quarter Combat and Advanced Control & Restraint courses designed for the security industry and forces. You will learn how to control the largest and strongest aggressors, multiple attackers, groups, weapons and disengagement and much more…

  • Ground-fighting skills
  • Advanced control and restraint
  • Become impossible to hit
  • Learn how to control people easily in the clinch
  • Learn advanced weapon disarming
  • Crowd control
  • Verbal, psychological and body language skills

Our professional courses are aimed specifically at security personnel such as: Close Protection Operatives (CPO’s) also known as bodyguards, Door Supervisor and security operatives, Police Officers, Prison Officers and other individuals working in a high risk environment where protecting others is an integral part of their job. The courses are among the most advanced courses available in the private sector outside the armed forces

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